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Cross+A Nonogram

Nonogram (also known as "Paint By Numbers", "Griddler", "CrossPix", "Hanjie") is a type of puzzles where it is necessary to draw the picture in accordance with the numbers to the left of the rows and on top of the columns. The picture is made up of filled squares and blank (white) squares. The numbers indicate how many groups of filled or colored squares are contained in each row or column, and how many uninterrupted colored squares each group contains.

The nonogram puzzle was invented by Non Ishida (Japan) in 1987, that's why it is called "Japanese Crossword" in some countries (for example, in Russia and Ukraine).


Nonogram Solving

Cross+A allows to solve nonograms of two types:

  • Black-and-White
    (only black color is used for drawing)
  • Multicolored
    (the standard 16 colors are supported)

Multicolored Nonogram:


NonogramCross+A includes the nonogram editor for the puzzle creating. This editor contains all tools of the usual graphic editor; it also allows to create a nonogram on the basis of the existing graphic file (for example, on the basis of scanned photos).

The nonogram can be saved as a graphic file (Windows Bitmap, Windows Metafile, GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG and CorelDRAW formats are supported).