a word or phrase formed by transposing the letters of another. For example: PRIEST - STRIPE.

Bidirectional word
a word which can be read in two directions: from the left to the right and from the right to the left. For example: REDRAW - WARDER.

a mathematical puzzle involving words where there is a one-to-one mapping between letters and digits that makes the arithmetic equation true. For example: MOTHER+FATHER=PARENT => 196753+286753=483506

a word or phrase in which each letter occurs the same number of times. For example: RAPPAREE (each letter twice).

Latin square
a square matrix of order N in which each row and each column are permutations of the elements of a finite set S consisting of N elements.

Nonogram file
a file with the numbers which describe the puzzle (numbers to the left of the rows and on the top of the columns).

Nonogram solution file
a file with the picture corresponding to the numbers to the left of the rows and on the top of the columns.

a series of known letters in known positions with wildcard characters in the positions where the letters are not known.

Reverse dictionary
a list of words sorted by their last letters.

Word "weight"
a sum of letter numbers in the alphabet. For example, the "weight" of the word abbey: 1+2+2+5+25 = 35.