Utilisation du clavier

Keyboard acceleratorAction
Main Window
CTRL+NCreate a new database.
CTRL+OOpen an existing database.
CTRL+SSave a database.
CTRL+AView properties of a database.
CTRL+IImport new words from a text file.
CTRL+TView statistics.
CTRL+BConvert number.
CTRL+ZUndo a last action.
SHIFT+INSAdd a new word to a database.
SHIFT+DELDelete a word from a database.
SHIFT+ENTERChange a word's description.
CTRL+ENTERFind a word in a database.
CTRL+RReplace a word in descriptions.
CTRL+EEdit descriptions.
CTRL+CCopy a word to clipboard.
CTRL+VInsert a word from clipboard to a database.
CTRL+DInsert a text from clipboard to a database as a current word's description.
CTRL+GGoto a clipboard's word in a database.
CTRL+UPIncrease a length of words in a current word-list.
CTRL+DOWNDecrease a length of words in a current word-list.
CTRL+POpen/close panel of databases.
CTRL+F1..F11Choose search mode.
F1Activate help system.
F4Show search results.
F9Open Sudoku Solving window.
F11Show font settings dialog.
F12Show configuration settings dialog.
CTRL+YEdit the list of equivalent letters.
Editeur (Picross)
CTRL+NCreate a new nonogram solution file.
CTRL+OOpen an existing nonogram solution file.
CTRL+SSave a nonogram solution file.
CTRL+AView properties of a nonogram.
CTRL+ZUndo a last action.
CTRL+XCopy a selected part of nonogram to clipboard and delete it.
CTRL+CCopy a selected part of nonogram to clipboard.
CTRL+DELClear a nonogram's image.
CTRL+DRedimension a nonogram's image.
CTRL+WResize a nonogram's image.
CTRL+VFlip a nonogram's image vertical.
CTRL+HFlip a nonogram's image horizontal.
CTRL+RRotate a nonogram's image.
CTRL+MNegative (only for the black-and-white nonogram editor).
CTRL+LChange a color of nonogram's cells (only for the multicolored nonogram editor).
CTRL+LEFTMove a nonogram's image left.
CTRL+UPMove a nonogram's image up.
CTRL+DOWNMove a nonogram's image down.
CTRL+RIGHTMove a nonogram's image right.
CTRL+EExport (save) a nonogram to a file.
CTRL+IImport an image from a file.
F1Activate help system.
F9Solve puzzle (for checking of solution unicity).
ALT+F4Exit Nonogram Editor.