Foire aux questions

1. Installing Cross+A

I used the previous version of Cross+A (added new words and edited existing descriptions in the program's database). Now I have download a new version of Cross+A. What must I do to keep my changes in the database?

Before the the new version installing it is recommended to copy the file crossa.dic from the folder 'Documents\Cross+A' to the temporary folder. Install the new version of Cross+A, run it and choose the main menu item Fichier|Importer du fichier. Choose the name of the file crossa.dic saved in the temporary folder and insert words into the new database.

Should I uninstall an older version of Cross+A before installing the newer one?

Yes, we strongly recommend you to do that.

The program fails after startup. What is wrong?

It is possible that the program conflicts with DEP (Data Execution Prevention). Try to disable DEP for Cross+A: Start -> Control Panel -> System -> Advanced tab -> Performance -> Settings -> Data Execute; select Turn on DEP for all programs and services except for those I select and add crossa.exe to the list of programs.

I found a registration code for Cross+A on hacker's server. Why should I pay money for the program registration, when I get it free?

We don't guarantee the correct work of software with registration codes found on hacker's servers. It can be dangerous to your computer.

2. Spell Checking

Does Cross+A support check spelling?

Yes, it does. The program can use the language modules from Microsoft Office 97/2000 for spell checking. If Microsoft Office is not installed on your computer, or you use the other version of Microsoft Office, you can download spell checking component from our web-site. Also the free spell checkers Hunspell, Aspell and Ispell can be used.

3. Puzzles

Does Cross+A allow to solve nonograms or sudokus manually on the screen?

No, the program supports the automatic mode of the puzzle solving only.

I tried to solve the nonogram puzzle 50 x 50 in Cross+A, but even after few hours the puzzle was not solved. Why?

The logic puzzles may be very complicated. Some of them can not be solved by logic methods only. The solving of such tasks will demand the using of computing mathematics methods with large-scale calculations.

Does Cross+A create puzzles with unique solutions?

Yes, the created puzzle has only one solution.

Does Cross+A create puzzles, that can be solved by human-like logic only?

We can not promise this. The program creates puzzles, using both logic methods and brute force algorithms.

May I suggest the new kind of logic puzzles for Cross+A?

Yes. We can not promise, that such kind of puzzles will appear in our software, but we shall certainly think about this.

Can the generated puzzles be used for commercial purposes?

Yes. Puzzles you create with Cross+A is completely free to use any way you like, including for commercial purposes.